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An Emerging New Talent; Janna Watson

October 18, 2010

This promising new emerging artist gives a very impressive showing of recent work entitled Light Is Not Heavy. A recent graduate of OCAD, the artist has already built up an impressive portfolio along with a list of collectors. 

Watson combines a highly effective use of stain and paint on panel to render graceful, intuitive abstracts that are further brought to life with a coating of resin. The artist also utilizes accretions of pigment to render a slight 3D effect to some paintings incorporating raised areas which only serve to add impact to the painting. A minimal use of straight lines and geometric shapes (although prominent) underscore ambitious swirling and flowing of the brush. My favourite piece in the exhibition is “Boomtown in my Heart” which is just such an example of the fluid dynamic movement that saturates each piece. 

Her large works in the show are very organic in nature I find, and tend to immerse the viewer, drawing you inwards to explore the entire surface, sometimes trying to gain clues from the title of the piece. 

I am sure that we will be seeing more of Janna Watson’s work in the future. Now, if I could only afford one of her pieces. 

You can view the artist’s work at Bau-Xi Gallery until October 23.

Ethereal Theatre


                                                                                                 Images courtesy of Bau-Xi

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