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The Grange Prize Exhibition 2010

October 25, 2010

Josh Brand


Well I”m sure that everybody in Toronto today is thinking about voting for our new mayor. However when that is all decided you might want to exercise your right again and consider voting for your favourite photographer in this prestigious contest.

Each year the four short listed candidates work is exhibited at the AGO and at the International partner institution, which is the Museum of Contemporary Photography at Columbia College, Chicago. Sophie Hackett is the  curator for the exhibit at the AGO end, while Karen Irvine is the curator in Chi-town.

There is no shortage of exceptional talent this year with a diverse body of work with eclectic tastes highlighting the photos of Josh Brand, Kristan Horton, Leslie Hewitt and Moyra Davey. What stands out for me from the four is the minimalist work of Brand which is quite Zen in its meditative positioning to the over the top creativeness of Horton. Especially worth noting is a look at Horton’s book Dr. Strangelove, Dr. Strangelove on view at the AGO. This is a book in which the artist picks apart scenes from this movie and positions a still from selected scenes alongside a re-created scene made from found objects and junk from the artist’s own studio. Incredible! and not to be missed. I guess it is not hard to glean whom I voted for.

You can view the work in person until January 2nd. at the AGO and online at www. Voting continues in person and online until October 31st.

Kristan Horton

Images courtesy of

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