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Art Toronto

October 30, 2010
Well another year for the popular Toronto International Art Fair is upon us. With over 100 galleries represented there is an eclectic, albeit it, conservative representation on display. With that much art to look at it can become a little overwhelming ,so this is where your editing skills come in handy. As a seasoned art vet I was able to cover the exhibition in a little over two hours, knowing which galleries and artists to give my attention to. A little disappointed though that the VIP lounge has stopped serving complimentarycoffee, a must have to keep ones energy level up for the miles of aisle walking!

Not many surprises or changes this year, however there was a showcase of visual art from our neighbours to the east with a Spotlight on Quebec Galleries showcasing many artists from this province

The highlight of the show for me was the work of one artist, Alex Guofeng Cao,   This artist takes iconic personages from popular culture and creates their portrait comprised of tiny shaded, pixelated images from another icon. For instance the face of Michael Jackson is composed of hundreds of tiny images of the face of Marilyn Monroe. Pam Anderson, on the other hand is comprised of a scandalous painting from the 1800’s. Can you identify which one? As I jested with the gallerist on hand, I ascribed these portraits t as being composed of their alter ego. She replied that it was a good way to put it. Really must be seen to be believed.

The fair runs until Monday November 1st. at the Toronto Convention Centre.

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