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Georgian Bay and Drapell

November 5, 2010

North Wind II 2008

                                                         Image courtesy of the artist

I was quite lucky to be able to attend the VIP reception for Joseph Drapell at the Spoke Club on King St. this past Wednesday evening.

Here is an artist that paints with heart and soul  imbuing his work with spiritual undertones that reflect his life and surroundings. Drapell is a master at technical skills developing his own implements like great artists of the past and using them to produce dramatic and stirring abstract landscapes of earth and cosmos. This artist rebels against the current “instant” art scene and it’s so-called stars, and produces work with paint that draws the viewer inward, forcing you to reflect on what you are witnessing. I am always fascinated by Drapell’s work and find myself in front of one of his paintings lost in thought at the magnificence of the representation before me. His work is not just paint applied to canvas but it is a part of the artist himself, a true and genuine outpouring of emotion and skill; not found to often in  today’s art scene. He is a true modern day master. It is only fitting that he is now getting the recognition that he deserves.

The exhibition continues until January 28, 2011

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