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News From Nowhere

November 14, 2010

Image courtesy of Red Head Gallery

An unsettling proposition awaits one while viewing the work of Joan Kaufman’s exhibition at Red Head Gallery. What you will encounter is an eerie and provocative montage of video, sound and photography that stirs the senses.

The video portion, which is in five channels, sits in a circle on the floor, encompasses to me, a murder of crows. They are both menacing and beautiful in their movements and formations gracefully flocking from one screen to and out of formation.  The black silhouette of the birds against a stark red background only serves to heighten a taught sense of melodrama.  Accompanying the video is a haunting musical score that enslaves you into a hypnotic “gaze” of the avian flight.  The accompanying wall mounted photos speak of fetishistic fantasy, veiled sexuality and skin art (a favourite of mine as I possess several tattoos myself).

The exhibition probes the human psyche via unanswered questions, longing, arousal and the mystery that is unveiled when one looks into another human soul, surrendering your disbelief and lifting the isolation that so much permeates our society. The exhibition runs until November 27th.

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